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Active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists

Visit British Columbia artist Mark Pytlos’s website and you will encounter a wealth of artistic style, beautifully expressed through a broad range of media.  His drawings and paintings cover portraits, landscapes, abstract, and a great deal more. Though, make no mistake, it is Mark’s floral works that will truly sing to you. Whether he is working in Acrylics, oil, or gouache, Mark Pytlos is a dedicated, passionate painter, who invests great effort, time, and skill into each of his truly stunning works, in his unending quest for perfection. Mark’s floral paintings have an intensely detailed, hyper-realistic edge, exquisitely capturing the beauty of nature’s flora, and showcased by Mark’s glorious equilibrium of light and shade.  The subtle relationship he creates between light and dark, between Luminance and duskiness, between crisp clarity and the whispered suggestions of obscurity, this is where wonderful things happen. Sometimes I feel as though Mark literally bathes his vibrant colour palette with life, seeming to reflect the very sun itself in every perfect, plump dew drop.  Other times it is the shade of the falling sun on his soft, rich flowers, which takes me to a field, the perfume of Mark Pytlos’ nature all around me. Take a look at his painting Morning Dew; I swear you will be holding your hand out to catch the dew drops as they roll delicately from velvet petals. An artist since his childhood in Europe (painting his first full mural at just twelve), Mark is now a much sought after artist who has sold his work across the globe and featured in International artist magazine.  He is also an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an enthusiastic art teacher. Like many artists, Mark says that he wants to share his joy of art, to put a smile onto our faces.  This is one artist who unquestionably succeeds.  Mark’s other aim is expressed quite simply: To become a master floral painter.  Take a look at his work and I’m sure you’ll agree, Mark Pytlos is already a long way along his chosen path. In addition to his workshops and demonstrations, you can see Mark Pytlos’ floral paintings at many venues throughout the year.


Rose, the queen of flowers after taking a shower in oil on Belgian linen

florals in oil painting

florals in oil painting
“Beautiful handling of both a loose and tight technique with the medium.  The selection
of values and details that are brought together in this painting give it a wonderful
feeling of space and light that can be difficult to achieve with a composition that
is a close up of the subject.”

– Awards selected by juror Jon Wos

3rd place at the international flower competition organized by Richeson gallery and school of art in Kimberly, Wisconsin, USA
“We are pleased to announce the award winners for the Richeson75 Online Still Life & Floral 2016 competition! In addition to the awards below, you can vote for the People’s Choice award where one talented artist will recieve a gift certificate for $500 worth of Jack Richeson & Co art materials!

The People’s Choice Award will be selected by you! It is easy to vote, just go to the Richeson School of Art & Gallery Facebook page to find the Still Life & Floral album. “Like” your favorit artworks: you can like each painting only once, but you may like as many artworks as you wish. The painting with the most likes wins. Voting opens April 5th through April 20th and the winner will be announced April 21st. We encourage you to get your friends and family involved in voting. Be sure to tag your painting as well!”